Having spent over 15 years in the IT industry, and being a mom of teens and tweens myself, I am passionate about technology, and I love to help educate families on the proper use of technology.

As an expert on technology for families, I have been asked to speak to bloggers, parents and more across the country. Verizon has hired me to help launch the Gizmo pad at events in New York City and San Francisco for parenting influencers. I am also a regular contributor to a local lifestyle TV show, and have been asked to help with tech segments on the local news.

Too many parents want to put their head in the sand and hope this whole “technology” thing will go away! Their kids are smarter than them when it comes to technology and they don’t know how to keep them safe. 

As parents who grew up in an analog world, we have to learn how to set the rules and pave the way for how our families will embrace the technology available to us. In fact, refusing to get your child a smartphone until they are 18 can do more damage than good! 

Through Sarah’s public speaking events, parents can learn how to help their children navigate the wonderful world of smartphones and social media, and no longer be afraid to let it in their home.

My passion for technology is clear, and I give real-world, tried and true, tips for understanding and managing the technology in your home. Contact me for rates for your event!