I started my career in IT in 2003 when I joined the IT department at a home builder in Southern California. I soon moved on to an IT consulting firm, as an IT Manager.

After I moved to Utah, I worked with a different IT consulting firm, and I stayed with them for over 8 years. I then found a local IT provider and have been working with them ever since.

During my time as an IT manager, I also created a blog to help families understand technology better called FamilyTechZone.com. Through the FamilyTech branded services and products, I am able to put the skills I have gained throughout my long career in the IT field and bring more families into the future! There is so much amazing technology out there, and I want to help your family get the most out of it!

I love to talk, teach, and learn about technology. My passion is helping parents understand how new technology can change their life, make it easier, or even better! I have a unique background that can be valuable to families. As I connect your family to the digital age.